Why Windermere Kirkland?

Why Windermere Kirkland?

What a great question and the answer has many aspects to it.

The function of this page is to outline the "Why" and hopefully pique your interest enough that you will have a conversation with me so we can go into the details that might be of interest to you.

One of the primary reasons we see experienced agents joining our team is the cultural difference between our competitors and Windermere.

The decision to grow and expand our market in the late 1980's was based on our founder John Jacobi's wonderful insight of how to build a successful "agent-centric" real estate company.

*We need to associate with great people*

*Give them a great place to work*

*Give them the best tools*

*Pay them well*

*Then get out of their way*

That is probably one of the greatest and most important difference between Windermere and other Real Estate firms.

Before we get to the Support and Tools that Windermere provides for our agents... One more cultural and philosophical difference can be seen in our "Windermere Truths," that we as a company live by.


Our Truths

We believe that people are more important then houses.

We always start with the clients point of view.

We solve people's need while fulfililng their wants.

We know everything about our neighborhood and community.

We understand that a house is a box where people do their living. (It is where emmories are made and lives take place.)

We are citizen-agents and a central part of the fabric of our community.

We ease and guide the home buying and selling processess and transform the leap of faith to a step of faith.

We are facilitators, counselors, experts and hand holders, which is so much more then an agent.

We protect our clients by education them and negotiating on their behalf.

We are entrepreneurs.

We are creating vibrant, livable and humane communities.

Our ability to provide consumers with an incredible experience make us a great real estate company.


Why?... Core Agent Services

  • The Windermere Reitrement Program - 401K with the company depositing $500-$1500/ per year of company dollar into your accounting (most important allows you, the agent, the ability to have tax deferred account)
  • Windermere Health Benefits - (some allow pre-existing conditions)
  • The Windermere Foundation - (a portion of every commission check goes to help the homeless in our community)
  • Windermere Standards of Practice Committee - (meets monthly)
  • The Windermere Community Service Day - (all offices are closed)
  • Windermere Commission Access Resource - (up to 80% of your commission paid before closing)
  • Support staff that loves to help make you successful.