About Us


As a committed member of the Windermere family, we provide exceptional business growth opportunities to our agent associates... Windermere Real Estate/Kirkland mission statement

Question: What does it take to be a part of Windermere Kirkland?

Answer: Being committed to the environment...

To this day, I'm firmly committed to my belief that owners and agents must build strong relationships with each other, be willing to share knowledge and know-how and learn to ask -- even to rely on -- each other for help. You don't compete with each other, you work towards the same professional objectives. By doing this everyone wins and there are not only fewer mistakes and failures, but also greater success. John Jacobi... Windermere's founder

Associate with great people. Give them a great place to work. Give them the best tools. Pay them well. Then, get out of their way.

Our Size.

Windermere Real Estate Kirkland offers the best of two worlds. We have the presence of Windermere as the Puget Sound market leader, bringing that economy of scale to provide industry leading resources in marketing, technology, education and agent benefits. Windermere Real Estate Kirkland is small enough to be a professional family where collaboration is expected and creativity is given room to breathe.

Who owns Windermere Real Estate in Kirkland?

Mike and BJ Connolly are hands on, energetic and are at work every day minding the store. There is a "yes mentality" that starts with Mike and BJ and is an axiom of management, staff support and of our brokers as they serve their clientele. A "Standout" philosophy is an overt principle of their business...

"The service we bring to our buyers and sellers must always exceed their expectations and our standards as practitioners must always be improved. The same is true for me; I intend to bring a higher level of resources to you, and I always strive to exceed your expectation." Mike Connolly

The value of our service.

Our commissions cannot be quantified in a line item format of materials and activities.

A broker being considered to list a home should be qualified in activities related to marketing, technology, and advertising as those activities are certainly components of an algorithm that places the greatest number of eye balls on homes.

Additionally a seller or buyer should question their prospective broker on the reporting procedures that they have to keep their clients informed as the transaction that they are involved in progresses towards closing.

Communication and negotiation skills however are the keystones of our vales calculus. A missed or late returned call may be the difference between a showing of and/or an offer being made on a home. A negotiation shrewd agent can mean the difference of thousands of dollars to a buyer or sellers as price, terms and inspection are bargained for.

Community Involvement.

Our Windermere Foundation, Shoes from Santa program, Community Service Day, Eastside Communities Food Drive and the Windermere Cup is  part of our dedication to the communities and people we serve.


A strong education plan must be in place for every agent at Windermere Real Estate in Kirkland. The Windermere Education system provides a junior college sized curriculum to Windermere agents throughout the Puget Sound region. Our own in-office education calendar offers courses every other Tuesday including three clock hours at no cost each quarter.