Gary Nims


Windermere Real Estate/Central Inc

737 Market Street

Kirkland, WA 98033

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License Number: 112384

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From the beginning, real estate and I have fit together like a dovetail joint. I started working in construction for my dad at age 15 in Bellingham. The hard work taught me tenacity and grit. Moving to Chicago in 1990 to complete my bachelor degree, I continued to work in construction to put myself through college. Housing was like a magnet for me.

After graduating I went to work for an investment brokerage holding series 6, 63 and 26 securities/principle licenses, as well as an insurance license. My first transaction experience was working with estate planning and other securities professionals. Helping clients consider investment assets as well as handle sensitive client information were two valuable skills that I use to this day.

After 5 years, I rejoined the construction industry, and started my own remodeling company in 2002. Our niche was middle to high-end remodeling and stellar client care. Concurrently, I began buying and selling real estate gaining valuable investment, transaction, and landlord experience.

11 years later I had a nice portfolio of renovations, strong customer-oriented systems, a network of satisfied clients and nine rental units. I then decided to use my wisdom and experience to help other folks find the success that I had. I joined Scott Germino and his decades of experience at Pillar NW Real Estate.

When Scott passed away, I stayed the course until the real estate market changed. Knowing that branding and market share would become important for my clients, I joined Windermere where they enjoy 3 times the market share of the closest competitors for the Greater Eastside and Seattle market area. I joined Mike Connolly's group in Kirkland where professionalism and standard of care is esteemed.

Today these work experiences, combined with my desire to serve clients as a trusted friend and consultant, has made me a top choice for many Eastside & Seattle folks. I am excited to put my experience to work for you and help you achieve your ambitions!